The Fever Series, which started with Transport Fever and was followed by the Train Fever Series, has now exploded on the gaming scene again with Transport Fever 2, scheduled for release this December 2019. The Developer is Urban Games. The Publisher is Good Sheppard Entertainment. It is available on multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10, Mackintosh Operating Systems (Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher) , and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 or higher). All platforms are in 64 bits. On this article we will also show you a method to get download Transport Fever 2 Free in to your PC game. This series is basically a Tycoon based Transport Simulation series. Transport Fever 2 is an absorbing game that will keep the Gamer constantly occupied over long periods of recreation.

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Reviewing the Game

The storyline envisages the Gamer as Tycoon. As a Transport Tycoon on the rise, deeply immersed in the world of transport, the gamer acquires and constructs large projects in the Transport Industry, such as Railway stations, Harbors, Airports and Bussing centers. Large transportation companies handling actual movement of men and material are also part of the Tycoon’s business world. The Player uses realistically constructed transport simulation to navigate transport routes through land, water and air. Future add-ons may include Town Builder options such as, with the need to transport resources, equipment and materials, warehousing becomes important.

Transport Fever 2 Reedeem Code Generator

Ultimately the environment needs to include constructs such as Guilds and Markets to increase trade, Garages and manufacturing plants to increase the efficiency and maintenance of transport vehicles, worker welfare and benefit systems, financial and educational institutions, and so on. Thus, Administration and Control Centers are needed to take charge of the complete transportation empire that the Tycoon (Gamer) builds up. This game is very realistic. Some other improvements are also planned for the future such as the dynamic Graphical display of financial sustainability due to depreciation of vehicles and profitability etc. Players start in 1850 and slowly and gradually build up long lasting transport companies.

Final Thoughts about Transport Fever 2

The Player invests in connecting areas which require transport services by constructing transport centers and interconnecting networks comprising of roads, railways, waterways and airways. More than 150 years of transportation history is compressed into this game, which extend from the past to the present and to the future. Transport Fever 2 (PC) consists of two campaigns of seven missions each on an increasing scale of difficulty. In top we show you a way to get download Transport Fever 2 Free in to your PC game. Real world challenges in global transportation are faced by the Player, in the two campaigns, namely American and European, in the historical context of the 19 th and 20 th century. The game itself has two modes, namely Campaign Mode which is limited in time, and Endless Game Mode which can theoretically go on forever.

The Tycoon can own up to 120 transport vehicles such as Trains, Aircraft, Ships, Buses, Trams and Trucks at his command. All vehicles are perfectly detailed and up-gradable. The geographical terrain can be altered realistically, conforming to actual maps. This is thus one of the most powerful transport based games ever created, a real transport paradise for any dedicated Gamer.